Goals of Educational Consulting

Why an independent educational consultant? Most public high schools have at least a student to counselor ratio of 400:1. This is where an independent educational consultant who specializes in college admissions comes in. I can provide you with the support that you need during your process. I can help you with all the little details that may get lost among 400 other students’ little details. Consider me to be your “college guide.”

Other students who may have comprehensive college counseling at their schools still may desire help with personal accountability. I assist students with staying organized and meeting deadline goals, relieving pressure from parents, family members, and high school college counselors.

I consider myself to be part of a "team" supporting the student. This team includes the student, parents, high school college counselors, tutors, teachers, coaches, psychologists, and special education teachers.

College Consulting Services

I offer a comprehensive package with services that are "goal-based" rather than "session-based" so that I can spend enough time with each student to accomplish objectives together; however, there is an upper limit of 30 hourly sessions. Some objectives may take 20 minutes and some three hours to complete. Each family has different needs within each goal, and I adjust my services to help with those needs. I operate this way so that I can provide the best possible service for you and your family. For example, some students will need to spend more time on career testing than others in order to determine a major. Others will need more time on their essays. Sessions are about one hour, whether virtual or face-to-face.

Application Services:

  • Overview of the college admissions process

  • Assistance with admissions applications (for up to 12 universities)

  • Formation and review of activity resume for college applications

  • Strategy and up to 4 reviews for Common App and Coalition App personal statements

  • Strategy and up to 4 reviews for supplemental essays (up to 12 universities)

  • Performing/visual arts admissions assistance (see below)

  • Review of “brag sheet” for teacher/counselor recommendations

  • Help filling out the FAFSA and CSS Profile

  • Assistance with searching for merit scholarships (up to 15)

  • Review of up to 15 scholarship applications

  • Assistance with 3 scholarship/honors college essay strategy/edits

  • Assistance with 1 mock interview

  • Accountability for honors college/merit scholarship deadlines (up to 15)

  • Assistance with deferrals/waitlist process if applicable

  • Assistance with final decision making if applicable

Performing/Visual Arts Application Services:

  • Strategy and review of artistic statement

  • Strategy and review of artistic resume

  • Help staying organized with audition/portfolio requirements

Comprehensive Package

Pre-College Application Services:

  • Get to know you session with questionnaire feedback

  • Educational session about what colleges are looking for in an applicant

  • Analysis of all standardized test scores and customized testing plan

  • Referrals to outside standardized test tutors

  • Introduction to Khan Academy and in-depth interpretation of PSAT scores

  • Course advising for all applicable years

  • Analysis of current extracurricular activities and recommendations for additions and leadership

  • Planning for summer activities

  • Formulation of professional resume

  • College visit preparation

  • Curated college list after in-depth college preference inventory

  • Instruction on how to research colleges using provided software

  • Scholarship and financial aid information/overview

  • Administration of official Myers Briggs Type Indicator and Strong Interest Inventory

  • 1.5 hour-long interpretation of test and analysis of career goals

  • Athletic Recruiting Services (listed below)

Athletic Recruiting Services:

  • Overview of the athletic recruiting process

  • Creation of athletic resume

  • Strategy for reaching out to coaches

  • Help keeping organized with coach contacts

  • Review of data from recruiting software

  • Instruction on how to fill out athletic questionnaires

  • Instruction on how to fill out NCAA eligibility form