Goals of Educational Consulting

Why an independent educational consultant? Most public high schools have at least a student to counselor ratio of 400:1. This is where an independent educational consultant who specializes in college admissions comes in. I can provide you with the support that you need during your process. I can help you with all the little details that may get lost among 400 other students’ little details. Consider me to be your “college guide.”

Other students who may have quality college counseling at their schools still may desire help with personal accountability. I assist students with staying organized and meeting deadline goals, relieving pressure from parents, family members, and high school college counselors.

I consider myself to be part of a "team" supporting the student. This team includes the student him/herself, parents, high school college counselors, tutors, teachers, coaches, psychologists, and special education teachers.

College Consulting Packages

I have two levels of services available for families: a basic package and a comprehensive package. My services are "goal-based" rather than "session-based" so that I can spend enough time with each student to accomplish objectives together. Some objectives may take 20 minutes and some three hours to complete. Each family has different needs within each goal, and I adjust my services to help with those needs. I operate this way so that I can provide the best possible service for you and your family. For example, some students will need to spend more time on career testing than others in order to determine a major. Others will need more time on their essays.

Here are the packages available, with the goals to be accomplished included in them. Generally sessions are about one hour, whether virtual or face-to-face.

Comprehensive Package
Ideal for 8th-11th graders


  • Includes everything listed to the left, plus:
  • Application assistance and essay review for up to 4 more universities (total of up to 12)
  • Course advising for all applicable years
  • Academic plan for all four years of high school
  • Standardized test prep strategy
  • Transcript review and analysis for GPA competitiveness
  • Professional resume creation
  • Scholarship/admissions interview preparation
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator & Strong Interest Inventory assessment
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator & Strong Interest Inventory review
  • Strategies for how to properly communicate with college admissions representatives
  • College fair/college visit preparation
  • Strategies for maximizing merit scholarships
  • Athletic recruitment (if applicable)
  • Performing Arts/Visual Arts application assistance (if applicable)

    Career Development Package

    Ideal for those looking only for career guidance; available to high school students, college students and adults. Available as an add-on to the basic package

    Scope of topics covered:

    • Professional administration of official Myers Briggs Type Indicator and Strong Interest Inventory
    • 1.5 hour-long interpretation of test and analysis of career goals

    Basic Package
    Ideal for rising or current seniors starting the process


    • Get to know you session with questionnaire feedback
    • Overview of the college admissions process
    • Assistance with applications for up to 8 universities
    • Strategy and multi-step review for Common App essay
    • Strategy and multi-step review for supplemental/school-based essays (up to 8 universities)
    • Feedback on standardized test scores
    • Formation and review of activity resume for college applications
    • Formation of college list after in-depth college preference inventory
    • Scholarship and financial aid information
    • Assistance with deferrals/waitlist process if applicable
    • Assistance with final decision making

    All services are available via Skype if the client is located outside of the Charlotte, North Carolina area.

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