The mission of Crescere College Consulting

Let me guess...

The mission of Crescere College Consulting is to provide personalized support throughout the college admissions process so that students are matched with “right fit” colleges where they can thrive. 

Crescere means “growth” in Latin. Applying for college marks a time in teenagers lives when they become adults, which can be scary for their families. Crescere College Consulting is focused on the process of adolescent personal growth and change. With Crescere College Consulting, students are required to take ownership in their college search and applications. By investing in their future, getting proper guidance, and listening to their own voices, they can choose the best fit college for them and eventually be successful adults.

  • Your family is overwhelmed with the college admissions process

  • You want to make sure your child is on the right path

  • You want support, guidance, and a helping hand

  • You want personalized attention because your child deserves it

  • You want an expert in the field.

Am I right?